The valve plier SANIGRIP can be used for a damage free installation and removal of siphons and valves.

Choosen variant:SANIGRIP siphon pliers, Dmax=80mm
Article number:70415
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  • Safe and gentle grip on valuable fittings without damaging polished surfaces Optimum grip for plastic screw joints up to Ø 62 mm (siphon)
  • SANIGRIP siphon wrench, Dmax=80mm

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SANIGRIP siphon pliers, Dmax=80mm


SANIGRIP siphon wrench, Dmax=80mm

SANIGRIP PL siphon pliers, Dmax=62mm, with plastic jaws


SANIGRIP PL siphon wrench, Dmax=62mm, with plastic jaws

Plastic jaws (2 pcs) for SANIGRIP siphon pliers