The one-handed pipe wrench STILLSON 24" can be used for screwing, loosening and securing pipes up to Ø 2.1/2" in many different applications. The hardened adjusting nut, which prevents unintentional adjustment and the optimized double suspension, which ensures safe self-clamping, provide perfect support during work.

Choosen variant:One-handed pipe pliers STILLSON, 24"
Article number:70355
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  • Replaceable jaws and hooks: For the easy replacement of wear parts Forged jaws: robust and durable Scale on the hook: Quick setting of the pipe diameter Hardened adjusting nut: Prevents unintentional adjustment during use Optimized double suspension: Ensures fast and safe self-clamping
  • Einhand-Rohrzange STILLSON, 24"

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One-handed pipe pliers STILLSON, 24"


Einhand-Rohrzange STILLSON, 24"

One-handed pipe pliers STILLSON, 18"


Einhand-Rohrzange STILLSON, 18"

One-handed pipe pliers STILLSON, 14"


Einhand-Rohrzange STILLSON, 14"

One-handed pipe pliers STILLSON, 12"


Einhand-Rohrzange STILLSON, 12"