2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC R32 1.5, 230V with ROBUCKET

The ROTHENBERGER ROAIRVAC vacuum pumps are used for evacuating all refrigeration circuits according to DIN 8975. The two-stage rotary vane pump achieves a vacuum of less than 25 micron. This makes them ideal for all refrigeration plant engineers and technicians.

Choosen variant:2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC R32 1.5, 230V with ROBUCKET
Article number:1000002689
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  • 4-pole motor for increased torque and long service life
  • Suitable for mildly flammable refrigerants such as R32
  • Magnetic non return valve to protect the refrigeration circuit from oil contamination in the event of a power failure
  • Vacuum meter with integrated drag pointer enables quick and easy control of the evacuation process
  • Protection of the internal components through a light, high-quality housing
  • Gas ballast valve to reduce the water vapor in the oil tank
  • Special filter reduces oil mist at the exhaust port
  • Easily readable oil level through sight glass
  • Easily accessible oil drain plug for quick emptying
  • Thermal switch protects the unit from overheating of the motor
  • Standard 1/4 "SAE connection, as well as 5/16" SAE and 3/8 "SAE adapter included
  • Detachable cable prevents cable damage
  • Set with ROBUCKET for safe transport of the vacuum pump

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2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC R32 1.5, 230V with ROBUCKET


2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC R32 6.0


ROAIRVAC R32 6.0, two-stage rotary vane pump 230V, 170 l/min

2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC 6.0


ROAIRVAC 6.0, two-stage rotary vane pump,230V, 170 l/min, 375W

2-stage vacuum pump ROAIRVAC 3.0


ROAIRVAC 3.0, two-stage rotary vane pump,230V,