The chain pipe vice can be used for securely clamping pipes of all material types with Ø 1/8"-6". The V-shaped pipe support with teeth and bridge prevents undesired bending during clamping and supports in achieving best results.

Choosen variant:Chain pipe vice, 2.1/2"
Article number:70713
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  • V-shaped pipe support with teeth and bridge: prevents bending during clamping Replacement jaws and tension chain: Replacing the wear parts is possible without any problems Quick fastening due to offset lever and pre-tensioning screw: for a quick work preparation
  • Ketten-Rohrschraubstock, 10-76mm (1/8-2.1/2")

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Chain pipe vice, 2.1/2"


Ketten-Rohrschraubstock, 10-76mm (1/8-2.1/2")

Chain pipe vice, 4"


Ketten-Rohrschraubstock, 4"

Chain pipe vice, 6"


Ketten-Rohrschraubstock, 6"