Pipe vice, foldable, 1/8-3"

The 4-point support allows for clamping pipes of all material types with Ø 1/8"-3" using the foldable pipe vice. Reduced deformation thanks to the multi-point support which guarantees a consistent locking pressure.

Choosen variant:Pipe vice, foldable, 1/8-3"
Article number:70712
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  • Movable upper jaw: for a secure hold Durable epoxy-powder coating: highly weather-proof 4-point support of the pipe: The tube is firmly secured and not deformed
  • Rohrschraubstock, aufklappbar, 1/8-3"

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Pipe vice, foldable, 1/8-3"


Rohrschraubstock, aufklappbar, 1/8-3"

Pipe vice, foldable, 1/8-2"


Rohrschraubstock, aufklappb., 1/8-2"

Tube vice, hinged, 1/8"-4"


Rohrschraubstock, aufklappb., 1/8-4"